For Veterinarians

KYON invents new techniques, designs implants and instruments, clinically tests all procedures and materials, utilizes cutting edge manufacturing technology to produce the highest quality products, develops educational materials, holds CE accredited instructional courses, and distributes products world wide.

KYON’s innovative solutions to persistent problems in the veterinary orthopedic community are the result of close collaboration with independent advisory boards comprised of veterinary surgeons from major universities and private clinics, providing immediate feedback throughout the development phase for rapid revision of beginning stage products, and proprietary relationships with the finest Swiss machine shops, producing the most advanced and highest quality implants and instruments based on sound biomechanical rationales.

Slobodan Tepic, Dr. Sci., Dipl. Ing, president and founder of KYON Veterinary Surgical Products, is the chief technology officer, inventor, and designer of the entire line of KYON products and procedures. Dr. Tepic has been working in the field of biomechanics and orthopedics for 30 years. He continues his work, focusing on meeting the specific needs of veterinary orthopedic surgeons.

Highly advanced manufacturing technologies used by KYON suppliers to produce KYON implants and instruments have given us an opportunity to provide veterinary surgeons with the most advanced, yet affordable systems.

Please take a moment to read about KYON products and procedures. We hope you find the information on our site interesting and informative.