We strongly recommend instructional training. KYON sponsors instructional courses to facilitate the introduction of KYON techniques into clinical practice.

If you would like KYON to hold an instructional course at your university, please contact us.

Every spring, KYON hosts a Symposium, primarily for clients, but the event is open to all veterinary professionals. Our goal is to provide a forum for addressing advancements, adaptations, issues and complications in veterinary orthopedic surgery. We also hope to foster some spirited dialogue and exchange of ideas. In addition to a dynamic international faculty of human and veterinary orthopedic opinion leaders who present, each KYON Symposium gives a glimpse into our ongoing research and development in the area of veterinary orthopedic surgery.

KYON Faculty:
KYON Events are made possible thanks to the contributions of numerous surgeons, whose presentations, course instruction, feedback, and counsel drive the evolution of all KYON procedures. Special thanks

Acker, Randall (USA)
Aron, Dennis (USA)
Bauer, Michael (USA)
Berzon, Jeffrey (USA)
Bleedhorn, Jason (USA)
Boettcher, Peter (D)
Botte, Robert (USA)
Boudrieau, Randy (USA)
Bruecker, Kenneth (USA)
Damur, Daniel (CH)
DeHaan, Jacek (USA)
Dew, Terry (USA)
Dokic, Zelimir (A)
Egger, Erick (USA)
Goldsmid, Sarah (AUS)
Guerrero, Tomas (CH)
Haase, Peter (USA)
Harrington, Kent (USA)
Holsworth, Ian (USA)
Hutchinson, Geoff (CAN)
Jerre, Sune (S)
Kawase, Kiyoshi (JP)
Kim, Stanley (USA)
Kipfer, Nicolas (CH)
Koch, Daniel (CH)
Kowaleski, Michael (USA)
Lanz, Otto (USA)
Martin, Robert (USA)
Maugeri, Salvatore (IT)
Meyer-Lindenberg, Andrea (D)
Montavon, Pierre (CH)
Muir, Peter (USA)
O’Neill, Turlough (UK)
Ogawa, Junya (JP)
Peck, Jeffrey (USA)
Peirone, Bruno (IT)
Pfeil, Ingo (D)
Pozzi, Antonio (USA)
Prata, Raymond (USA)
Robinson, Andrew (UK)
Scavelli, Thomas (USA)
Schaefer, Susan (USA)
Schwandt, Christian (D)
Speelman, Jonathan (HK)
Stearns, Phil (USA)
Stephan, John (USA)
Stubbs, Preston (USA)
Tarvin, Guy (USA)
Tepic, Slobodan (CH)
Thieman, Kelley (USA)
Torrington, Andy (UK)
Venzin, Claudio (CH)
Verhoeven, Geert (BE)
Vezzoni, Aldo (IT)
Vezzoni, Luca (IT)
Voss, Katja (AUS)
Wagner, Frank (D)
Weber, Urs (CH)
Wendelburg, Kirk (USA)
Yamaguchi, Tsutomu (JP)