Oct. 2 – TTA-2; ESVOT Venice, IT


With over 100,000 implants sold and more than 10 years of clinical experience, KYON continues to improve the planning, surgical technique, implants and instruments for the TTA procedure. This lab will review the clinical history of TTA, present recent learnings in pre-operative planning, meniscus treatment, and introduce the next step in the TTA evolution, TTA-2*. In addition to lectures, this lab will include a video demonstration of TTA-2, dry lab exercise. TTA-2 has the potential to reduce the risk of infection, reduce iatrogenic trauma, accelerate the incorporation of the implant into the bone and shorten the surgery time, thus providing surgeons and clients with real benefits. (read the “Why TTA-2?” Letter, sent to participants of the TTA-2 Safety & Efficacy Study – here>>)

This course is organized in conjunction with the ESVOT Congress. Registration to the ESVOT Congress is mandatory to register for this course. Sawbones exercises will give participants hands-on experience with the instruments and implants. Course materials include the Sawbones models with implants, instructions, and other support material.
*Patent Pending

KYON AG has organized this instructional course for the procedure at the 2014 ESVOT Congress, Venice, Italy. The course includes a dry lab (with a Sawbones stifle model with implants).



Thursday October 2nd, 2014


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