KYON Symposium 2012

Innovations in Veterinary Orthopedics and Trauma

The sixth KYON Symposium will be held this April 21-22, 2012, in Zurich, Switzerland. Our goal is to provide a forum for addressing advancements, adaptations, issues and complications in veterinary orthopedic procedures. We also hope to foster some spirited dialogue and exchange of ideas.

In addition to a dynamic international faculty of human and veterinary orthopedic opinion leaders who will be presenting, there will be attendees from various countries and several international universities. We encourage you to share your experiences and learn from each other. We hope you find the meeting informative, provocative, and entertaining.

Each Kyon Symposium gives a glimpse into our ongoing research and development in the area of veterinary orthopedic surgery. This year’s meeting will spotlight the Intra-articular ACL Prosthesis, the Stifle Augmentation Prosthesis, the KYON Elbow Prosthesis, and the Patellar Groove Prosthesis.

Stifle, hip and fracture repair systems have made major advances in recent decades, but surgeons and their patients are still troubled by difficult cases, adverse events, and less than ideal outcomes. Kyon is committed to providing the veterinary orthopedic community with the best possible implants and instruments. We are continuously improving our products based on clinical experience and feedback from our users.

Thank you for your interest in furthering the art and practice of veterinary orthopedic surgery.


2012 Symposium Program


Session 1 – Stifle
Session 2 – Landscapes; Education
Session 3 – Early Clinical Experience w/ KYON Procedures
Session 4 – Landscapes; Unmet Orthopedic Needs

Randall Acker, DVM,
private practice surgeon, Sun Valley Animal Center,
Ketchum, ID, USA
Joe Morgan, DVM, DACVR, Prof.,
School of Vet. Med., St. Georgeʼs University,
Laura DʼAmico, DVM, surgical resident, MS candidate,
Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine,
Blacksburg, VA, USA
Junya Ogawa, DVM, private practice surgeon,
Ogawa Animal Hospital,
Kanagawa, Japan
Chad Devitt, DVM, MS, DACVS, private practice surgeon,
Veterinary Referral Center of Colorado,
Englewood, CO, USA
Mark Owen, BVSc, Cert SAO, MRCVS, private practice surgeon,
The Rowe Veterinary Hospital,
Bradley Stoke, Bristol, UK
Zelimir Dokic, DVM, surgical resident,
Dr. Lorinson Chirurgischer Zentrum fuer Kleintiere,
Vienna, Austria
Ingo Pfeil, DVM, private practice surgeon, Tieraerztliche Klinik Preschnerheide, Dresden, Germany
Mauricio Dujowich, DVM, Dipl ACVS, small animal surgeon,
Veterinary Specialty Hospital of San Diego,
Zachery Smith DVM, surgical resident,
Sage Centers for Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care,
San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA
Mark Flueckiger, DVM, Dipl ECVDI, Prof., Head,
Dysplasia committee University of Zurich,
Wallisellen, Switzerland
Phillips Stearns, MBA, CEO,
Kyon Pharma Inc.,
Boston, MA, USA
Rudolph Geesink, MD, PhD, Emeritus Prof. of Orthopaedic Surgery, Maastricht University,
Slobodan Tepic, Dr. Sci, Dipl. Ing.,
CEO and President of KYON,
Zürich, Switzerland
Kyoshi Kawase, DVM, PhD, private practice surgeon, Kawase Veterinary Hospital,
Tokyo, Japan
Andy Torrington, BVMS, Cert SAO, MRCVS, private practice surgeon, Torrington Orthopaedics,
Brighouse, UK
Simone Niederhäuser, DVM, surgical resident,
Tierärztliches Überweisungszentrum,
Tenniken, Switzerland
Claudio Venzin, DVM, Dipl ECVS,
Small Animal Surgery Clinic, Vetsuisse, University of Zurich,
Hans Nieuwendijk, DVM, private practice surgeon,
De Tweede Lijn,
Wilhelminaoord, Netherlands
Aldo Vezzoni, DVM, Dipl ECVS, private practice surgeon,
Clinica Veterinaria Vezzoni,
Cremona, Italy
Sebastian van Nimwegen, DVM, PhD, DECVS, staff surgeon,
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Utrecht,
Peter Vandekerckhove, DVM, Dipl ECVS,
private practice surgeon, Dierenartsencentrum Malpertuus bvba,
Heusden Destelbergen, Belgium
Andy Moores, BVSc, DSAS(Orth), MRCVS, Dipl ECVS,
Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists,
Winchester, UK
Urs Weber, DVM, Dipl ECVS, private practice surgeon,
Tierärztliches Überweisungszentrum,
Tenniken, Switzerland
Session 1 – STIFLE
Geesink: History and state of the art of ACL treatments in humans
Torrington: Factors in post-TTA meniscus injury
Devitt: Ultra-CL – KYON cruciate ligament replacement with arthroscopy
D’Amico: LESS – in vitro testing of the KYON Lateral Extracapsular Suture System
Niederhäuser: TT-Crown – a pilot clinical study of the Tibial Tuberosity Crown
DISCUSSION: moderator: Mark Owen
participants: Geesink, Torrington, Devitt, DʼAmico, Niederhäuser, Tepic
Session 2 – LANDSCAPES: Education
Kawase: Surgical instruction in Japan
Mauricio Dujowich Learning veterinary surgery in the US
van Nimwegen: The veterinary surgical skills lab
Acker Learning by doing
Tepic Navigating practical education landscape
DISCUSSION: moderator: Aldo Vezzoni
participants: Kawase, Dujowich, van Nimwegen, Acker, Tepic
Torrington Learning curves in surgery and my first Patellar Groove Replacements
Moores Starting with the Zurich Cementless THR
Nieuwendijk: Starting with TTA
Weber ALPS – Advanced Locking Plating System with IM pins in cats
Vezzoni: PAUL – Proximal Abducting ULnar osteotomy for elbow medial compartment
DISCUSSION: moderator: Peter Vandekerckhove
participants: Torrington, Moores, Nieuwendijk, Weber, Vezzoni, Tepic
LANDSCAPES – Unmet Orthopaedic Needs
Morgan: Orthopeadic conditions of canine stifle and spine
Flueckiger: Elbow dysplasia: Radiographic Diagnosis and Prevention
Acker: TATE – Biomedtrix Total Elbow Joint Replacement
Smith: In vitro testing of the KYON Partial Elbow Replacement
Pfeil Spinal disc regeneration aided by ligamentotaxis
Tepic Update on KYON products and product pipeline
DISCUSSION: moderator: Urs Weber
participants: Morgan, Flueckiger, Acker, Smith, Pfeil, Stearns, Tepic
KYON 2012 Symposium Program

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