KYON Symposium 2013

Innovations in Veterinary Orthopedics and Trauma

The seventh KYON Symposium was held April 12 – 14th, 2013, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Symposium 2013 provided a forum for addressing advancements, adaptations, issues and complications in veterinary orthopedic procedures. We also fostered a spirited dialogue and exchange of ideas.

In addition to a dynamic international faculty of human and veterinary orthopedic opinion leaders who presented, there were attendees from various countries and several international universities.

Each Kyon Symposium gives a glimpse into our ongoing research and development in the area of veterinary orthopedic surgery.

Stifle, hip and fracture repair systems have made major advances in recent decades, but surgeons and their patients are still troubled by difficult cases, adverse events, and less than ideal outcomes. Kyon is committed to providing the veterinary orthopedic community with the best possible implants and instruments. We are continuously improving our products based on clinical experience and feedback from our users.

Thank you for your interest in furthering the art and practice of veterinary orthopedic surgery.

DATE:  April 12 – 14, 2013

2013 Symposium Program
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All events will take place at the Babson Executive Conference Center
— Fri. 19:00 – 22:00 Welcome Reception
— Sat. 07:00 – 07:45 Symposium Check-In
— Sat. 07:45 – 19:00 Symposium; Day 1
— Sat. 20:00 – 23:00 Banquet Dinner
— Sun. 09:00 – 14:00 Symposium; Day 2


Zürich Cementless Total Hip Replacement (THR)
Proximal Abducting Ulnar Osteotomy (PAUL)
Patellar Groove Replacement (PGR)
Intra Articular Suture (Ultra-CL)
Addvanced Locking Plate System (ALPS)

Randall Acker, DVM,
private practice surgeon, Sun Valley Animal Center,
Ketchum, ID, USA
Krista Adamovich, DVM, resident
UC Davis Small Animal Clinic,
Davis, CA, USA
Dennis Aron, DVM, DACVS, private practice surgeon
Fido’s Surgeon,
Escondito, CA, USA
Michael Bauer, DVM, DACVS, private practice surgeon
Colorado Canine Orthopedics,
Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Randy Boudrieau, DVM, DACVS, Professor
Cummings School of Vet. Medicine, Tufts U.,
North Grafton, MA, USA
Hugh Davis, DVM
Animal Rescue Center Boston,
Boston, MA, USA
Dave Gersholowitz, MBA, COO
BluePearl Veterinary Partners,
Tampa, FL, USA
Joop Hopmans, DVM, private practice surgeon
Diergeneeskundig Centrum Hopmans,
Roden, Netherlands
Geoff Hutchinson, DVM, DACVS, private practice surgeon
Langley, BC, Canada
Ursula Krotscheck, DVM, DACVS, Assistant Professor
Cornell U., College of Vet. Medicine,
Ithaca, NY, USA
Otto Lanz, DVM, DACVS, Associate Professor
Dept. Small Animal Surgery, VMRCVM Virginia Tech,
Blacksburg, VA, USA
Federico Latimer, DVM, MS, DACVS, private practice surgeon
Veterinary Surgical Center,
Stuart, FL, USA
Zoran Lonĉar, DVM, SCIVAC, ESAVS
Veterinary Clinic Novak,
Belgrade, Serbia
Daniel Martin, MD, human orthopedic surgeon
Syntorr Inc.,
Palo Alto, CA, USA
Simone Niederhäuser, DMV
Tierärztliches ÜÜberweisungszentrum (TÜZ),
Baselland, Switzerland
Ayami Nojiri, DVM, JCVS resident
Fabre Animal Medical Center,
Jeff Peck, DVM, DACVS, private practice surgeon
Affiliated Veterinary Specialists,
Maitland, FL, USA
Ingo Pfeil, DVM, private practice surgeon
Tieraerztliche Klinik Preschnerheide,
Dresden, Germany
Juan Pu, PhD
Mechanical Engineering Department,
UC Berkley, CA, USA
Phillips Stearns, MBA, CEO
Kyon Pharma Inc.,
Boston, MA, USA
John Stephan, DVM, DACVS, private practice surgeon
Utah Veterinary Center,
Midvale, UT, USA
Preston Stubbs, DVM, DACVS, private practice surgeon
Aurora, CO, USA
Slobodan Tepic, Dipl Ing, Dr Sci, CEO
Kyon AG,
Zurich, Switzerland
Andy Torrington, BVMS, Cert SAO, MRCVS, private practice surgeon
Torrington Orthopaedics,
Brighouse, UK
Aldo Vezzoni, DVM, Dipl ECVS, private practice surgeon
Clinica Veterinaria Vezzoni,
Cremona, Italy
Scott Weese, DVM, DVSc, DACVIM, Professor
Ontario Veterinary College, U. Guelph,
Guelph, ON, Canada
Kirk Wendelburg, DVM, DACVS, private practice surgeon
Animal Specialty Group,
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Session 1 – STIFLE
Michael Bauer: Ultra-CL; Arthroscopic Application
Juan Pu: Ultra-CL; Research
Lanz: LESS; Research
Tepic: TTA-2 Introduction
Hopmans: TT-2; Clinical Experience
Adamovich: TT-2; Research
Niederhäuser: TT-Crown; Surgical Technique & Clinical Experience
Lonĉar: TT-Crown; Research & Clinical Experience
Davis: TT-Crown; Clinical Experience
DISCUSSION: moderator: John Stephan
participants: Bauer, Pu, Lanz, Tepic, Hopmans, Adamovich, Lonĉar, Niederhäuser, Davis
Session 2 – LANDSCAPES: Business
Acker: A Family Practice
Aron: A Distinctive Business Model
Stephan A Specialty Clinic
Gersholowitz Employee Owned Multi-Location Practice
DISCUSSION: moderator: Preston Stubbs
participants: Acker, Aron, Stephan, Gersholowitz, Tepic
Session 3 – LANDSCAPES; Surgical Infection
Weese Microbiology & Minimizing Clinical Risk
Vezzoni THR; Clinical Experience
Nojiri: Internal Fixation; Clinical Experience
DISCUSSION: moderator: Ursula Krotscheck
participants: Weese, Vezzoni, Nojiri, Tepic
Krotscheck: PAUL; Research
Vezzoni: PAUL; Clinical Experience
Wendelburg: Total Elbow; Update
Vezzoni: PGR; Clinical Experience
Torrington PGR; Clinical Experience
DISCUSSION: moderator: Ingo Pfeil & Federico Latimer
participants: Krotscheck, Wendelburg, Vezzoni, Torrington, Tepic
Boudrieau: ALPS; Complex Cases
Hutchinson: ALPS; Clinical Experience
Tepic: KYON ;Updates
DISCUSSION: moderator: Otto Lanz
participants: Boudrieau, Hutchinson, Tepic
Peck: Research; Cerclage vs. Plate
Vezzoni: Updates; mini-THR, ALPS
Stearns: KYON Centers of Excellence
DISCUSSION: moderator: Randy Acker
participants: Peck, Vezzoni, Tepic, Stearns
KYON 2013 Symposium Program

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