In February 1999, KYON Veterinary Surgical Products began distribution of the Zurich Cementless Total Hip Replacement. Expanding on the success of the Zurich Cementless THR, KYON developed the TTA and ALPS to provide veterinary orthopedic surgeons with innovative products for joint and bone surgery in small animals. We invent, design, clinically test, manufacture to perfection, educate, and distribute throughout the world.

KYON AG serves veterinary surgeons in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa. KYON AG is dedicated to providing the best possible customer service and resources to our clients.

President & CEO: Slobodan Tepic, Dr. Sci., Dipl. Ing
Chief Technical Officer: Stephen Bresina, Dr. Sci.
General Manager: Mirjana Tepic, MD
Accountant: Monika Buergler
Sales Representative: Inja Tepic
Purchasing Manager: Daniela Hitz
Production and Sales: Francisco Alfonso
Production and Sales: Sarah Kleinstein
Sales: Elektra Guekos

Technoparkstrasse 1
CH-8005 Zurich
phone: +41 44 350 31 05
fax: +41 44 350 31 06

Our Japanese Distributor is Japan Rise Medical, Ltd.