Intra-articular Suture System


Ultra-CL* is currently in the second phase of clinical development.

* patent pending


Total, Partial and Hemi Elbow Systems


KYON Total Elbow Replacment* is currently in clinical development.
Co-Inventor/Developer – Kirk Wendelburg, DVM, DACVS

If you have a case that may benefit from this procedure, or would like to learn more,
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* patent pending


Human Total Hip Replacement System


Cancer Therapy Protocol

Currently in early clinical use.




When renowned Soviet physician, Gavriil Abramovich Ilizarov, toured the United States in the 1990’s to discuss his work, Prof. Ilizarov’s presentations consisted of hundreds of slides and only two words, “Aparat; Resultat.” Knowing only Russian, Prof. Ilizarov would say, “Aparat” for the slides of fractures and corrective osteotomies fixed with the Ilizarov apparatus and “Resultat” for the slides of the successfully healed bones. The Ilizarov apparatus was a major advancement in external fixation systems. Dr. Tepic had the opportunity to see Prof. Ilizarov lecture and the scene of “Aparat; Resultat” left an indelible mark on Dr. Tepic and his approach to the field of orthopedic surgery.

“Aparat; Resultat,” which means, in essence: the correct apparatus yields the desired outcome, has become the KYON mission. We invent, design, clinically test, manufacture, and educate with this in mind. Tremendous effort goes into the development of KYON procedures and careful steps are taken to ensure every procedure has undergone extensive research and development prior to broad clinical release. Obviously, if you can convince someone of your theory, without having to prove it, you can save a significant amount of capital expense for the same resource transfer, resulting in higher profits. However, what really matters to KYON, our surgeons, pet owners and patients is ensuring successful, indefinitely stable, and reproducible surgical outcomes. Adverse effects of orthopedic surgery may not manifest for several years, but, with sound biomechanical rationales, careful design, manufacture, and refinement based on clinical feedback, permanent orthopedic correction is possible.

KYON is invested in the clinical success of its procedures. It is our goal to manufacture the best possible implants and instruments from the highest quality materials, using the most cutting edge processes.