Slobodan Tepic

S_Tepic      Born: Zagreb, Yugoslavia, now Croatia
     Address: Zurich, Switzerland
     Tel/Fax: +41 44 350 31 05


· School of Mechanical Engineering, U. of Zagreb, 1970-1975, Dipl. Ing.;
· Mechanical Engineering Dpt., M.I.T., Cambridge, USA 1978-1980, M.S. in M.E.;
· Mechanical Engineering Dpt., M.I.T., Cambridge, USA 1980-1982, Dr. Sci. in M.E.


· Teaching Assistant at the U. of Zagreb, School of Mech. Eng., 1976-1978;
· Research Assistant at M.I.T. 1978-1982;
· Research Associate at the AO Research Institute, Davos, Switzerland, 1983-1996;
· Co-founder of Cutting Edge Technologies AG, Dietikon, Switzerland, 1991;
· Lecturer in the Mechanical Eng. Dpt., M.I.T., Cambridge, 1994-2008;
· Co-founder of Cancer Treatments International, Zurich, Switzerland, 1995;
· Full-time consultant to Schering-Plough Corp., 1996-1998;
· Part-time Research Associate at the School of Vet. Med., U. of Zurich, 1998-present;
· CEO and President of KYON AG, Zurich, Switzerland, 1999-present;
· CTO and President of Scyon Orthopaedics AG, Au, Switzerland, 2003-present;

Teaching and supervisory activities:

· Member of faculty teams for training courses for trauma and/or orthopaedic surgeons by:
     – AO/ASIF (Association for the Study of Internal Fixation) Foundation;
     – Scandinavian Orthopedic Association;
     – the M.E. Mueller Foundation, Bern, Switzerland.
· From 1987 to present, supervised research work of five doctoral and two master’s level graduate students enrolled in graduate programs of engineering schools in the U.S. and Europe, as well as a number of undergraduates and M.D.’s doing either their graduation thesis work, or spending some time in research.


· From 1964 to 1972 participated in 35 math and physics contests up to national level – placed first 33 times and second twice;
· Recipient of the National Tito’s Fellowship in 1969;
· American Field Service one year Scholarship in 1969;
· “Design Prize Switzerland”, Recognition prize for design of Swissors® (scissors, a product of Cutting Edge Technologies), 1993;
· 1994 AO/ASIF International Prize.
· 1997 Design Award from Japanese MITI for Swissors® (best imported product);
· “Design Prize Switzerland”, First prize for the design of bone cement caulking gun (a product of Schering Corporation and Mathys Medical), 1999;


· 23 publications in peer-reviewed journals; over fifty other publications.
· 28 patents, another dozen pending.