Swiss Made

Response to False Claims of Manufacturing Origin

In recent months we learned from a number of our clients that our competitors are spreading rumors that Kyon labels products imported from China as “Swiss made.” This is not true.

In 2017 Kyon paid only 7.1% of its total manufacturing costs to companies outside Switzerland (France, Germany, Netherlands and Taiwan). All non-Swiss suppliers are ISO 13485 certified for production of medical devices for human use and are producing according to Kyon drawings and quality specifications. None of these products are–or have ever been–labeled “Swiss made.”

Kyon relies on over 40 Swiss suppliers to produce its products and is rightly very proud of the high manufacturing quality of these Swiss suppliers and labels these products correctly as “Swiss made.” We have never labeled any products produced outside of Switzerland as “Swiss made.”

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about KYON quality standards and manufacturing origins, please contact us.

Slobodan Tepic, Dr.Sci.
CEO and President, Kyon AG
Hardturmstrasse 103
CH-8005 Zurich, Switzerland