ALPS® Technology is based on PC-Fix, which was developed at the AO Research Institute in Davos in the 1980s and 90s. PC-Fix had exceptionally positive results in a trial with close to 2,000 human patients, thanks to the geometry of the plate and the use of titanium [NEED CITATION -LU]. This technology was then carried over into our original ALPS-I system. However, the construct did not allow for the use of locking screws when angulation or dynamic compression was needed. ALPS-II plates solve this problem, as they have been designed for use KYON Locking Screws (KLS™), the heads of which can be modified with titanium beads to allow for angulation.

For more details, please go and watch our video about ALPS® Technology and KLS™ system.

1. Spherical Beads and Bead holder (patent pending) that come with ALPS-II.

2. KLS™ have conical heads that can be augmented with spherical beads, allowing for angled insertion of screws.

3. The beads also allow dynamic compression across the fracture line in rare instances when this is possible.