Fine Touch Locking Instruments


Many surgical instruments require some locking mechanism to perform their function. Most common of these are surgical forceps and retractors. Existing instruments rely on locking mechanisms of either the ratchet type or spin-lock type. Ratchets, generally considered to be more user-friendly, retain the desired position without additional surgeon/technician involvement whereas spin-lock forceps are fixed by tightening a nut, typically many turns before stability is achieved, a clumsy action when handling small, delicate fragments and tissues. However, the insensitive incremental adjustments of ratchet forceps can damage tissues, are less robust, and are prone to accidental release.

The locking mechanism of the KYON Fine Touch Locking Surgical Instruments* is based on friction. The Fine Touch friction-lock is resistant to the wear and tear routinely seen in ratcheted locks, especially the finer, micro-ratchet, types. Release of the lock, even under full load is easy and causes no damage to the mechanism. The smooth, low opening and closing force and near-absent resistance within the system when being put into function, provides extremely fine tactile feedback of tissue resistance.

One of the uses of the Fine Touch friction-lock is with a unique targeting forceps. A bar spanning the jaws is, in all positions, exactly parallel to the tips of the jaws — a hinge that slides on the bar, carries drill sleeves for different diameters of K-wires or drill bits. Markings on the friction-lock provide a measurement from point-to-point.
All of the critically loaded small components and the jaws are made from hardened stainless steel. To reduce the weight of the instrument, the handles are made from a high-strength titanium alloy.

The KYON Fine Touch family of products provide surgeons with the most precise, sensitive, and user-friendly locking surgical instruments. A large selection of function specific jaws, including targeting and length measuring forceps are now available, with additional sizes and types, including Gelpi’s, coming soon.
*patent pending


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