MINI Suture Anchors (MINIS)


Inspired by the fork design for TTA, KYON invented and produced the MINI Suture Anchor (MINIS). The KYON TTA fork is a proven and reliable tension anchor in a critical application with a similar function. MINI Suture Anchors or “MINIS” are available with 2 or 3 prongs. The suture is anchored in the small round hole on the anchor body and then passed through the eye, leaving the anchor over a well rounded, smooth surface. In use, should the function demand it, the rotation of the suture around the anchor will lead only to a winding/unwinding around the eye of the anchor, without wear-causing rubbing. Titanium, Grade 4, is used for the anchors. Drill guides with pins and impactors are available for each of the two sizes.

mini anchor; 2 prong drill guide; 2 holes
mini anchor; 3 prong drill guide; 3 holes
impactor; 2 prong anchor
impactor; 3 prong anchor
1.9mm pins

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