Wenger SWISSORS®, invented by KYON founder Slobodan Tepic, are high tech cutting scissors, specifically designed for difficult materials and long wear. SWISSORS unique functionality has won acclaim and design competition awards in both Switzerland and Japan. The award-winning tool is manufactured by Wenger Cutlery Works SA, manufacturers of the Genuine Swiss Army Knife.

4 Advantages:

  • Manual effort is reduced by 50% to 70% (compared to ordinary scissors). Cutting force is distributed evenly by 4 needle pin bearings along the full length of the blades.
  • Lower blade remains horizontal, providing greater cutting precision.
  • Titanium nitride (TiN) coated blades are interchangeable: no need for sharpening, cut effortlessy through the most difficult materials. Blades available in standard and micro-serrated.
  • Special adjusting screw allows cutting force to be adapted to the thickness of the material.


SWISSORS have achieved wide popularity among interior decorators and textile workers, including cutting the leather for seats in Audi automobiles. The micro-serrated blades are recommended for cutting both extremely delicate fabrics and the toughest materials, e.g. Kevlar®.
– paper
– cardboard up to 1000 g/m²
– presspan
– cables
– straps/belts
– silk
– leather
– jeans fabric
– synthetic fur
– thread
– fabrics
– plastic sheeting
– metal sheeting
– foam, expanded materials
– synthetic materials
– fibreglass cloth
– nylon
– Kevlar®
– Nomex®
(Kevlar” and Nomex” are registered trademarks of DuPont de Nemours)

Care & Use:

  • Occasionally place a drop of oil in the races of the needle bearings and in the adjusting screw.
  • Carefully wipe blades to remove any small cutting remnants.
  • Replace the interchangeable blades when cutting performance diminishes.


  • Avoid touching the cutting edges of the blades: they are extremely sharp and can cause serious injury!
  • Replace blades by holding them carefully by the sides (NEVER by the cutting edge!)

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