About Training


KYON is committed to providing the best possible instructional and educational resources to our clients. We strongly recommend instructional training. KYON sponsors instructional courses to facilitate the introduction of KYON techniques into clinical practice.

While each course is slightly different, all KYON courses include: the theoretical basis for the procedure, practical exercises, live and/or video transmission of surgery, presentations from experienced surgeons, and a comprehensive kit of educational materials. We hold instructional courses throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia. KYON courses offer a rotating international faculty of veterinary orthopedic opinion leaders from both major universities and private practice.

If you would like KYON to hold an instructional course at your university, please contact us.

Our commitment to education culminates, each year, with the KYON Symposium. We are continuously improving our products and refining our procedures. The annual KYON Symposium is a wonderful opportunity for KYON to share what’s new and for veterinary surgeons to pool experiences, share tricks and tips, reflect and review successful and adverse cases, and develop relationships with veterinary surgeons from all over the world.


“Great course by people who care.”

“Excellent, could not have been better, fantastic instructors”

“To date, this has been the most useful, hands on CE I have had the pleasure to be a part of. Keep up the good work!”

“Great program. One of the best continuing Ed meetings I have attended. The TTA meeting I attended 3 years ago was also very good.”

“I’m very pleased the course provided so much background, eg history, theory, biomechanics, development of TTA, rather than just a “how to” session.”

“Spectacular experience. Would definitely recommend it. Very pleasant speakers – fun!”

“You guys put on awesome program together, you can tell the love and pride that each member of your team has for the Kyon products. I am definitely a Kyon fan now. Thank you.”

“Very good ratio of instructor to student. No down time waiting for help. Can be talked through procedure step by step. Nice.”

“KYON is a great company that cares about helping solve problems we veterinarians face every day. I appreciate all you have done for our profession.”


KYON Events are made possible thanks to the contributions of numerous surgeons, whose presentations, course instruction, feedback, and counsel drive the evolution of all KYON procedures. Special thanks