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An encouraging alternative to the fatalist trajectory of pharmacology

PAUL is a promising advancement for the care of canine elbow dysplasia patients. While palliative, PAUL has demonstrated improvements of 1 – 2 lameness grades in patients as old as 10. However, the ideal patient is younger, ~1 – 3 years old, in the early stage of disease. The surgical technique is straightforward, but not without some challenges. The PAUL Course is available as a dry lab or wet and dry lab course. Both courses contain lectures on background, planning, surgical technique, clinical experience and complications. The Wet lab version of the course includes surgical planning, each attendee performs a PAUL, and a lab review discussion.

Course Requirements

KYON PAUL Training is appropriate for veterinary surgeons with well-rounded orthopedic experience, knowledgeable in fracture plating, corrective osteotomies and/or TPLO/TTA techniques. Complications are minimal, related to technical errors, easily avoided with comprehensive instruction and modest practice. Your OR and hospital should be suitable for orthopedic surgery.

Some surgeons/clinics will have more preparation to do than others. We are happy to discuss your specific circumstances and chart a path.

KYON PAUL Training is available in the following formats:

Basic course w/ dry lab — 1 day
Basic course w/ dry and wet lab — 1 day


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