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Before embarking on the canine THR journey, it is important that you consider seriously the financial, logistical, practical and technical requirements of offering this procedure in your clinic.

KYON THR Training is appropriate for veterinary surgeons with well-rounded orthopedic experience who are knowledgeable in fracture plating, corrective osteotomies and/or other Total Hip Replacement techniques. Not only must one be capable of executing the primary surgery, but also able to manage potential complications, both in the short and long term.

Your OR and hospital should be suitable for joint replacement surgery. Generally, canine THR is most successful when the surgeon/clinic assembles a THR team, makes a serious commitment to cadaver training, has a consistent case load (~10 per year minimum), and performs regular follow-up examinations.

Some surgeons/clinics will have more preparation to do than others. We are happy to discuss your specific circumstances and chart a path.

We offer three Zürich THR training events: the Basic Zürich Cementless Course, the Small Breed & Cupless Course, and the THR Master Class.

Available Formats

Zürich Cementless THR Basic Training
The Basic course, offered in a 2 or 3 day format, introduces the implant and instrument systems, surgical technique, clinical development and experience. Attendees prepare a THR bone model, take special x-ray views pre and post op., and plan and perform a complete THR on two cadaver specimens. Following each lab, instructors and attendees will review and discuss the cases. The primary objectives of the Basic course are to communicate the core principles of successful THR surgery, practice in a wet lab setting, and review the cases as a group.

Small Breed & Cupless Course
The Small Breed & Cupless course is a one day program intended for past attendees of the Basic course and current Zürich Cementless THR surgeons. The program includes lectures and discussion on case selection, surgical technique, complication and clinical outcomes as well as two wet labs where each attendee performs one small breed and one cupless hip.

Zürich THR Master Class
The Master Class is intended for current Zürich Cementless THR surgeons. The program emphasizes complications, revisions, complex cases, strategies for improving and building up a successful THR practice and wet lab exercises. The Master Class typically includes both Small Breed and Cupless hip instruction.


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