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“Not all TTA’s are created equal.”


Since the invention of TTA by KYON founder, Slobodan Tepic, the procedure has been evolving. Unlike TPLO, a procedure strongly patented and closely curated during its early clinical development, TTA and the implants and instruments required to perform the procedure were not patented.

The result has been a significant variation in the quality and thoroughness of TTA instruction and, therein, surgical application. Several of the companies copying TTA offered abbreviated courses with little or no attention to planning and soft tissues. If you learned TTA at another training event, from a colleague, or online, it is highly likely that your TTAs are less than ideal.

As the inventor of TTA, we have a unique insight and commitment to, not only the device, but also the procedure. KYON has supported over 20 in vitro tests, several publications, and many posters and presentations. Our emphasis on preoperative planning and surgical execution is like no other TTA course. Our exceptional faculty of TTA instructors have contributed enormously to the refinement of the technique, conquering of challenging patients and understanding of clinical outcomes.

Course Requirements

KYON TTA Training is appropriate for veterinarians with basic orthopedic experience who are knowledgeable in fracture plating, corrective osteotomies and/or TPLO techniques. Your OR and hospital should be suitable for orthopedic surgery.

Some surgeons/clinics will have more preparation to do than others. We are happy to discuss your specific circumstances and chart a path.

KYON TTA Training is available in three formats:

Basic Course w/ dry lab — 1 day
Basic Course w/ dry and wet lab — 2 day
Master Class w/ dry lab — 1 day


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