Alexandros Hämmerli is 32 years old and will support KYON in Research and Development as an engineer. Originally from Zurich but with Greek roots, he started his academic career studying chemistry. However, it was his love for motorcycles that lead him to his true passion. While working at a Ducati garage as a mechanic, he began his studies in mechanical engineering at the ZHAW School of Engineering.

After he completed his degree, he worked for four years in research and development for cardiovascular intervention. We are now very excited to welcome him to our team as an engineer in our R&D department. Veterinary medicine is not unfamiliar to Alexandros – his longtime girlfriend is a veterinarian.

Alexandros says he’s really looking forward to to working in the innovative field of veterinary orthopedics.

Alexandros still has a love for motorbikes and speed, of course! He shared this great photo of himself on the racetrack. 

Welcome, Alexandros!