We now offer different shipping options. Choose what you need.
More affordable.

With the change of FedEx to UPS for our customers outside the Americas in 2020, we can now offer three different shipping options allowing you to save up to 60% on shipment cost!

Exemplary shipment cost of an average parcel (1kg) from KYON in CHF

Germany Spain Poland Japan
Old rate 32 32 45 40
New rates
Express 25 25 31 34
Saving -22% -22% -31% -15%
Express Saver 20 20 26 27
Saving -38% -38% -42% -33%
Standard 15 17 19 N/A
Saving -53% -47% -58%  

Note: the above prices are based on 2020 rates and subject to small change based on updated UPS rates and fuel surcharges.

Recommended to EU customers:
a one-step, seamless and quick custom clearance service at the rate of 25 CHF.


Further instructions on the ordering process and shipment options & tracking can be found in the ordering tab.





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