Orthopedic and trauma procedures are technically demanding. KYON is committed to providing the best possible instructional and educational resources to our clients to help them succeed. We believe in a holistic approach to training that goes beyond our products; we are committed to equipping our surgeons with the wide range of skills necessary to diagnose and treat their patients appropriately.

A surgeon at a PAUL course doesn’t just learn how and when to perform a PAUL; he or she also learns how to diagnose elbow dysplasia and medial compartment disease, and when to choose alternate treatments like dynamic ostectomy and osteotomy, hemi and total elbow prosthesis. All KYON courses are designed from the ground up, focused on problem-based learning, collaboration, and open dialogue in order bring out the best in every surgeon. 


KYON courses offer a rotating international faculty of veterinary orthopedic opinion leaders from both major universities and private practice. KYON carefully selects speakers willing and able to transmit their exceptional knowledge, experience, and passion for orthopedics and trauma.


While each course is slightly different, all KYON courses include: the theoretical basis for the procedure, practical exercises, live and/or video transmission of surgery, presentations from experienced surgeons, and a comprehensive kit of educational materials.

Facilities and teaching forms

In our modern, new facilities in Zurich and Boston, we offer year-round:


  1. Orthopedic and trauma courses in small groups
  2. Master courses for our experienced clients
  3. Private trainings for surgeons and their teams
  4. One-to-one teaching, instruction and support