TPLO plates are milled out of solid titanium by robots! See the video below. Here’s one a little over halfway through the milling process.

On December 6th, we took a field trip to one of our manufacturers in Switzerland so that newer KYON employees (and our US team) had a chance to see how our implants are made and meet the people who make them.

We use only titanium and titanium alloys for our implants, milled to exacting standards before they are sent off to be pickled, micro-peened, anodized, laser marked, thoroughly cleaned and packed.

On the right, a solid piece of titanium, the raw material used to make our TPLO Plates. On the left is what it looks like after the first step in milling is complete.

TPLO Plates after the milling is partially complete. These are now ready to have their undersides milled and shaped.

A look at the underside of the TPLO plates after milling.

“Naked” TPLO Plates, milling complete and ready for their anodizing! This is what they look like before we turn them green.

A partially milled ALPS-II plate (left), and the raw material used to mill them (right).

Erin and Steph from the Boston Office watch as a screw is milled.