THR Testimonials

THR Testimonials

Lacey – Golden Retriever Cross
Keena – Labrador Retriever Cross


Lacey enjoying some rays pre-op

Breed: Golden Retriever Cross
DOB: 04-20-2005
Date of Surgery#1: 06-27-2013
Procedure #1: Left Kyon Zurich Cementless total hip arthroplasty
Date of Surgery #2: 10-30-2013
Procedure #2: Right Kyon Zurich Cementless total hip arthroplasty
Surgeon: Dr. Geoffrey Hutchinson, DVM, MS, DACVS
Clinic: Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital (BBVSH)
Referring Veterinarian: Dr. Rebele, Cedar Grove Animal Hospital

Comments from owner:

Lacey appeared to be a perfect candidate for hip surgery. She was middle-aged, healthy, and had a strong motivation to be active, but she was limited by pain in her hips and a limited range of motion. She had difficulty with stairs and getting into our minivan. Although Lacey wanted to go for walks, her endurance was low and she needed long recovery times after walks.

After our veterinarian said her x-rayed hips were “terrible,” we took her to Dr. Hutchinson at the Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital for replacement surgery, first for her right hip, then later for her left hip.

Lacey tolerated the surgery very well and we thought her recovery was remarkably fast. Within a day, she was in good spirits and very willing to use the affected hip to go outside. She really did not need her Elizabethan collar as she never tried to lick, scratch, or nibble at the incision site. Pain was well controlled with meds.

We were prepared for the major time we invested in her care and supervision, which were vital to the success and integration of her new joints during the months following her surgeries. (See picture.)

Lacey has continued her recovery with no setbacks at all. Now, approximately a year after the last hip replacement, she is pain-free and active. She walks with ease, and she can run, play, chase balls, climb stairs, and jump into the minivan. We notice no joint related difficulties, in fact, we have a hard time remembering her pre-surgery limitations. The improved quality of life for her and us is definitely worth the cost and time investment. The other major satisfactions for us have been the outstanding abilities, competence, understanding, and helpfulness of Dr. Hutchinson and his support staff. Our girl, Lacey, is an essential, rewarding, and much loved part of our lives, and it was very comforting to be able to entrust her life and welfare to Dr. Hutchinson and the Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital staff. – Anna and Bill

More photos of Lacey:

Post-op night routines for Lacey and her ICU hominid

Enjoying her first winter with her new hips

Both hips are done and healed



Keena running on the beach with her new hip

Breed: Labrador Retriever Cross
DOB: 09-07-2005
Date of Surgery: 03-07-2012
Procedure: Left Kyon Zurich Cementless total hip arthroplasty
Surgeon: Dr. Geoffrey Hutchinson, DVM, MS, DACVS
Clinic: Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital (BBVSH)
Referring Veterinarian: Dr. Gordon/Dr. Atwood, Kitsilano Animal Clinic

Comments from owner:

Keena was hit by a car, leaving her with a broken femur and dislocated hip. Initially, she underwent an unsuccessful surgery with a different vet and we felt we were left helpless with no other options. Thankfully, a friend recommended Dr. Hutchinson to us. Dr. Hutchinson called me at home that night and brought me immediate comfort with his compassion and thorough answers to my questions. He adjusted his schedule to perform an emergency Hip Replacement surgery the next morning.

We are forever grateful for the competence, compassion and professionalism that Dr. Hutchinson, and the staff at Boundary Bay Veterinary Hospital, provided throughout the whole process, and continue to do a year later. Keena is now running and bounding with agility and ease; almost better than she did before the accident. Thank you Dr. Hutchinson and Boundary Bay Veterinary Hospital for all your incredible work and support! – Shannon M.

More photos of Keena:

Keena 2 days post-op

Keena 6 months post-op