Since the introduction of the ceramic heads to our “Zurich Cementless” THR system, we have replaced the previous system of head/necks with necks + heads. This change was mandatory for ceramic heads but it also has reduced the number of components one has to keep on the stock to cover all possible sizes of the heads and lengths of the necks.

We are now in the process of harmonizing the Cupless system with the regular THR system so that only one type of necks will be needed for all heads – ceramic and Cupless. Most of the current stock of Cupless heads we have modified by permanent insertion of conical adapters into the Cupless heads thus making them compatible with now-standard one type of necks. For those clients that currently may have some stock of either Cupless heads or Cupless (special) necks, we will keep on stock those items until most if not all of the original components with our clients are used up.