With the launch of the ALPS® product range and introduction of ALPS-II, we realized the need for a practical and economical solution for implant and instrument storage and sterilization. Our Product Manager, Daniela Hitz, thought up a brilliant idea drawing on her previous experience as a certified tailor. Daniela designed custom fabric wraps to fit this need.

The medical grade cotton wraps are autoclave-safe and can be used to organize and store a variety of implants and instruments. She has created two versions: one that holds ALPS-I or ALPS-II plates, and one that fits bending and cutting tools. These pouches are manufactured by craftspeople from Verein Lernwerk, a socially conscious company based in Switzerland. Verein Lernwerk employs people who are differently abled, young adults in need of an apprenticeship, and members of our community who would otherwise be jobless, creating valuable opportunities for people in need. KYON is proud to collaborate with them on this project.

Surgical wraps cost between 40-50 Swiss Francs and are available for purchase immediately. 

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