Joint Solutions: Stifle

The stifle is one of the most prevalent anatomical locations responsible for hindlimb lameness in dogs. Whereas Craniate Cruciate Ligament Disease (CCLD) is more common in older and mid-aged, medium- and big-breed dogs, the patellar luxation is very common in the young, toy-breed dogs.

Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease (CCLD) is the most common cause of lameness in dogs. In 2003, a group of surgeons estimated that CCLD costs pet owners more than 1.25 billion USD annually. Is your clinic prepared to properly diagnose and surgically treat this clinical challenge? Let KYON’s digital and hands-on lessons help your team understand the fundamentals of the anatomy, function and kinematics of the stifle, along with the orthopedic exam findings and diagnostic imaging associated with CCLD. Take advantage of our experts’ experience to better understand diagnostic imaging, meniscal examination and the most effective surgical techniques, such as TTA/TTA-2 and TPLO. We promise that your diagnostic capabilities, surgical experience, and clinical outcomes will significantly improve.

Date Event Location
Oct 21 PGR at ACVS 2020 Washington DC, USA
Nov 13 ALPS®TPLO Zurich, Switzerland

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