Dual Mobility Cup may help lower the risk of dislocation after THR

The dislocation rate of hip prostheses in dogs is reported to range from 4-15%, representing the most common short-term complication and source of frustration for the owner and the surgeon. This is especially true in large and giant breed dogs, usually requiring revision surgery.


Otto I. Lanz, Ida Forzisi, and Aldo Vezzoni
Zurich Cementless Dual Mobility Cup for Canine Total Hip Prosthesis: Implant Characteristics and Surgical Outcome in 105 Cases
Vet Comp Orthop Traumatol on March 31, 2021.


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Retrospective, single-center study. 105 THR were performed using the Zurich Cementless Total Hip System with the Dual Mobility cup.


Results of 105 cases demonstrated a low complication rate, including dislocation, of only 1% (1/103).


The Dual Mobility cups may be an alternative to standard singlebearing cups in dogs reported being at high risk for luxation in both revision and primary arthroplasty. The complication rate, including dislocation, is relatively low in the cases reported in this study (1/103, 1%).

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