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Why is KYON the right partner to offer education in veterinary orthopedics and trauma?

Well, who can teach a procedure better than those who have invented and curated it? How many surgical errors, and the underlying causes of those errors, can be understood and avoided by learning a procedure from people who have developed it and successfully passed it on to thousands of clinicians?

KYON is committed to providing the best possible instructional and educational resources to our clients. We sponsor digital and instructional courses to facilitate the introduction of KYON techniques into clinical practice.

KYON Veterinary Courses & Workshops

All KYON courses include the theoretical basis for the procedure, practical exercises, live and/or video transmission of surgery, presentations from experienced surgeons and a comprehensive kit of educational materials.

Courses are offered in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia with rotating international faculty of veterinary orthopedic opinion leaders from major universities and private practice. Learn more from the course links below.

Fracture Repair Course PAUL Course
PGR Course THR Course
TPLO Course TTA Course


Date Event Location
Jun 04 - 07, 2024 THR Training Session & Skills Assessment Novara, IT
Jun 14 - 15, 2024 THR Complications & Revision Strategies Workshop Cremona, IT
Jun 22 - 23, 2024 ALPS TPLO Workshop Boston, US
Sep 10 - 12, 2024 Total Hip Replacement Workshop Vienna, AT
Oct 04 - 05, 2024 PGR and Corrective Osteotomies Workshop (in Spanish) / Curso práctico PGR de KYON y osteotomías de corrección Madrid, ES
Nov 06 - 07, 2024 ALPS-II Fracture Repair Workshop Bristol, UK
Nov 30, 2024 PGR Workshop Bristol, UK
Dec 01, 2024 ALPS PAUL-II Workshop Bristol, UK
Dec 06, 2024 ALPS PAUL-II & PGR Workshop Boston, US
Mar 01, 2025 PGR Workshop Bristol, UK
Mar 02, 2025 ALPS PAUL-II Workshop Bristol, UK
Apr 05 - 07, 2025 Total Hip Replacement Workshop Bristol, UK
Jun 28 - 29, 2025 Mini Total Hip Replacement Workshop Bristol, UK
Oct 17 - 19, 2025 THR Skills Assessment Bristol, UK
Nov 29, 2025 PGR Workshop Bristol, UK
Nov 30, 2025 ALPS PAUL-II Workshop Bristol, UK

Movora Workshops

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