Would you like to place an order?

This is how we can best ensure that your order is processed in the time you need it:

  1. Open/Download the respective order form.
  2. Choose items and quantities.
  3. Enter your contact name, shipping address, and phone number or KYON customer number.
  4. Choose your preferred shipping option.
  5. Submit the order form to KYON.
    • info@kyon.ch for orders from the European Union, Switzerland, Japan, China, Africa and Australia
    • main@kyon.us for orders from the Americas
  6. For first-time customers, additional information will be required. KYON customer service team will contact you.


Catalog and Order Forms (Download)

Are you interested in learning more about our products and instruments?
Download the KYON Catalog and our order forms.

Order Forms

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Shipping Options & Tracking

For our customers outside the Americas we offer different shipping options:

For our customers in the United States we offer different shipping options:

For our customers in South and Middle America and Canada we offer:


Shipments can be tracked on the website of the delivery provider (UPS or FedEx) with the tracking number provided with every order confirmation.

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