Three-time winner of the Red Dot Design Award for Product Design

Created in 1955, the Red Dot Design Award is an international design competition that recognizes excellence in three categories — Product Design, Brand and Communication and Design Concept. Awarded annually by a jury of experts in each category, the Red Dot is an acknowledgement of the best in design and business. As such, the Red Dot Award documents leading design trends worldwide. Award-winning designs are showcased in exhibitions around the world, at the three Red Dot Design Museums in Essen, Germany; Xiamen, China and Singapore and online.


Red Dot Award: Product Design

The Product Design category, Red Dot’s oldest, appraises the best products created each year. Designers and manufacturers have 49 categories to choose from when entering their innovative products, from fashion and consumer electronics to vehicles, furniture and medical technology. Entries are judged on nine criteria, including degree of innovation, functionality, formal quality, ergonomics, durability and symbolic and emotional content.

KYON is proud to be the recipient for three Red Dot Design Awards, most recently in 2020.

2019 – FineTouch Claw Forceps

KYON’s FineTouch Claw Forceps is our first product to win a Red Dot Design Award. This model, one of many offered by KYON, has serrated jaws to hold bone fragments together or to hold a bone plate to the bone. The most distinguishing functional feature is the highly precise friction locking mechanism which can be operated with one hand. A micro-ratchet provides security; the forceps will not release during surgery, even when used in conjunction with vibrating power equipment like oscillating saws. The main components are made of titanium alloy;  the pivot and locking mechanisms are hardened stainless steel. The finished product is lightweight, durable and intuitive to use.

2019 – Plate-Bending Pliers

The plate-bending pliers are used for bone fractures in veterinary care, for instance to adapt a bone plate to the shape of the bone to which the plate is to be fixed with screws. The design concept enables even bending and limits the deformation of the screw holes, so that the screws will fit properly. The pliers are made of high-strength aluminium and finished with a special hard-anodising coating that protects the instrument against corrosion.The sophisticated design of these plate-bending pliers strongly supports gentle and safe surgical procedures.


2020 – KLS™ Rack

KLS™ screw rack made of titanium alloys, holding the screws with minimal contact, but safe enough to be handled in cleaning, sterilization, and transport. The design objective was to provide veterinary professional with a solution which allows them to easily pick the right screw. This solution eliminates the risk of water remaining in the screw heads after sterilization and allows for picking the screw directly without the need of a screw forceps.

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