Webinar Series

“Learn from the experts” is a veterinary webinar series to allow residents, general practitioners and orthopedic surgeons to update their knowledge about the most vital veterinary orthopedic procedures.


Next Sessions:

Date Event Speaker
Oct 29, 2020 Is TTA an advanced option for the treatment of cruciate ligament disease? Dr. Jon Miller & Dr. Andy Torrington
Nov 3, 2020 What is PAUL and why should I care about front limb alignment in dogs? Dr. Aldo Vezzoni & Dr. Brian Saunders
Nov 16, 2020 What’s new in hip replacement surgery for dogs? Dr. Aldo Vezzoni & Dr. Stephen Bresina

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Duration: 1h per session
Price: offered for free
Style: webinar with live Q&A


Past Sessions

Did you miss one of our webinars? Or do you want to relisten to a specific talk of one of the experts?

Fracture Plating Webinar, Oct 22, 2020
Speaker: S. Tepic and O. Lanz, DACVS



Webinar Series

Check out our free webinar series. Learn from the experts about the most vital orthopedic procedures.

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