ALPS®Product Range: The most advanced yet affordable plating system

What is the ALPS® Product Range?

The ALPS®Product Range is a unique concept from KYON in which different implant types are anchored with KYON Locking Screws (KLS™) and Cortical Specialty Screws. This allows for the universal use of a concise set of screws for a wide range of applications. ALPS stands for advanced locking plate system.

What products are included in the ALPS® Product Range?

The ALPS® Product Range is designed to treat a broad spectrum of clinical conditions in companion animals and includes the following products:

What is ALPS® Technology?digital rendering of an alps veterinary implant plate showing how the locking screws go in

All ALPS® plates use ALPS® Technology, which includes a unique design to preserve the vascular supply, reduce the risk of infection and accelerate healing.


What is the economical benefit of using the ALPS® Product Range?


What are KYON Locking Screws (KLS™)?

KLS feature a novel thread shape and locking mechanism and are used across the ALPS® Product Range. KLS screws can be used bicortically or monocortically. They are made from a titanium alloy and anodized to achieve an inert titanium oxide surface. Available in 7 diameters from 1.5mm to 4.5mm.

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